The Best Yet

I wasn’t able to get all the scheduled miles in last week due to family distractions but the ones I did get in felt great! Here’s a bullet-point review of my week in running:

  • Running followed by a Pilates class (courtesy of my tennis club) is a great combination. Pilates stretches you out after the run and works a lot of muscles that running misses. This is going to be my Monday routine from now on, I think.
  • Running on a treadmill sucks. I ran on the hotel treadmill for 2 of my 3 short runs this week and remembered just how boring it is. Also, Headline News sucks. Also, sweating in the same small, enclosed room as several other strangers sucks.
  • Running on the treadmill did have one advantage though: Since extreme boredom caused me to shorten my runs, I decided to run them faster than usual. I did Thursdays run at a 10:00 min./mile pace. Even though it was just 2 miles I could really feel the impact of that little bit of speed work on my long run.
  • Ah, the long run. This week’s was the best ever! 11 miles which felt great. I was at around an 11:00 min./mile the whole time and felt great all the way through. It was one of those runs where you have to force yourself to stop rather than forcing yourself to keep going.
  • A large part of the successful long run was the hydration belt which I used for the first time. I use this one:
  • Being able to drink throughout the run and take small bites of fruit leather every couple miles or so worked much better for me than a big drink of water and an energy bar at the half-way point. This belt is going to be key, I think, as the long runs get longer.

So, all in all, a really good running week. This coming week’s runs are 4, 6, 4 and 12 miles. Should be fun!

10 weeks to the race!


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