Decision Points

A view of the peaks which give Sisters its name

When I make decisions about my life I make them within myself and then announce once a firm decision has been reached. This often results in my family and friends feeling surprised by the new direction I’ve taken. I’m surprised by their surprise. I’ve been thinking about this for weeks, after all — how could it be surprising? Then I remember: in the news cycle of my life I’m a very responsible newscaster. I don’t report on mere possibilities and nor do I report on ongoing, inconclusive deliberations. I only announce the decision when it’s certain.

Beginning this summer, though, and continuing into the Fall semester, I’m trying something different. I have told family and friends that I’m considering a big career change. I’ve asked for input and advice before I had my own mind up. The choices as they stand at the moment are to finish my Masters of Divinity and see where I am after that, possibly beginning a career teaching theology or to complete a MA in TESOL (teaching English as a second language) at Multnomah and embark on a career as an ESL teacher.

As I’ve allowed myself to remain in a state of indecision these past several weeks I’ve been pleased to feel God confirming in me the direction that I felt he had given me initially. I’m pretty sure God is leading me to become an ESL teacher (which I never thought I’d do) in public high schools (a place I never ever thought I’d end up). I’m still uncommitted. I’m still open to the possibility of also completing my MDiv. I’m still taking MDiv classes this fall, in fact. But I’m also expecting that an ESL classroom in the public schools is where I’ll be long term. I’m very surprised and extremely excited.

So, that’s the news bulletin I’ve been putting out to the people in my life: the results haven’t been completely counted, the vote is still inconclusive. I’m not prepared to announce victory for either candidate in Florida. But early polling points to ESL as the clear frontrunner.

In other news — the Portland Marathon is 5 weeks away! I did 18 miles on Sunday and felt horrible but elated at the end. 18 miles is on the schedule again for this coming Saturday. Due to the New Wine retreat I’ll be running in Sisters, Oregon. It should be beautiful. At this point, even though it’s over a month away the marathon feels like a reality and not a pipe dream. I’m already choosing the spot where I’ll plant the rose seedling all finishes receive. I. Can’t. Wait.

5 weeks to the race!


One thought on “Decision Points

  1. Gretchen, I am excited to be a part of you journey. I can’t wait to encourage you in either choice- although I say you abandon both programs and join me in MABS! (not really… I just get lonely being the only one) But really, I know your ultimate decision will be a well thought out process between you and God.

    Furthermore, 18 miles is a lot. Just don’t drink milk prior to your runs.

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