Duchamp's "Nude Descending a Staircase No. 2"

Listos? Listado*

Duchamp's "Nude Descending a Staircase No. 2"

Here, for your reading pleasure, is a list of stuff, things and odds and ends, in no particular order.

1. Wednesday night tea and knitting with the ladies from church at Townshend’s Tea House is very enjoyable. I spilled milk while we were drinking tea because I knocked it over with my hand. I knocked it over with my hand because I was making large hand gestures. I was making large hand gestures because I was speaking Spanish. Therefore, Spanish is a monkey and causes people to spill.

2. I want a standing desk. This is the picture Wikipedia uses to show a standing desk. That’s kind of awesome.

3. My car key snapped in half on Sunday. That was surprising and somewhat alarming seeing as I still needed to drive home. It has been turning and twisting every time I use it for a couple of months so I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised. As my dad said, “What did you expect? It’s metal not salt water taffy!”Luckily I had a spare at home and my very kind roommate Katie brought it to me.

4. I really a lot want to buy a house in the Multnomah neighborhood and turn it into a community house. And by “want” I mean “plan.” And by “plan” I mean “feel called to.” If anybody has $200,00 to throw my way that would help the plan along.

5. I love the month of October. The weather is perfect. My first October in Portland was awesome and I’m looking forward to another one. Last October I biked everywhere — I hope this one will be the same.

6. The next languages I want to learn are Arabic and Vietnamese. Vietnamese is tonal. Arabic is guttural. Should be a challenge!

7. I’ve been thinking lately about when we say “That’s just not a skill of mine.” or “I’m just not good at that sort of thing.” I say that a lot. Is it a cop-out or a mature recognitiont of our different strengths and weaknesses? If I never thought that would I be better at those things?

8. I finally found good recipes for Asian stir-fry sauces. It’s great because you can take really simple ingredients like carrots, zucchini, pasta, etc. and create a really enjoyable meal by just taking 5 minutes to make a nice sauce. Very handy to know about.

9. The New Wine conference is this weekend! The subject is the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. I heard a commentator suggest recently that the current peace talks being held are somewhat deceptive in that the Palestinian representative, Mahmoud Abbas, is merely the head of one of Palestine’s political parties. The opposition party, Hamas, is a lot more popular and powerful in the Palestinian territories. So, even if Netanyahu and Abbas were to hammer out some sort of agreement, Abbas would still have to go back to the Palestinian people and try to get elected with that as his platform! The world is really complicated.

10. Two days a week a preschool meets at the church where I work. Today the preschoolers mixed, kneaded and baked a loaf of bread. When the teacher was explaining how the yeast was going to ferment and make the bread rise a 3-year-old girl raised her hand and said “I’m afraid of the yeast.” Que graciosa, no?

*Listado is how they say “list” in Castilian Spanish. Wordreference.com tells me “lista” is the correct Spanish translation of list. I think that’s a base Anglicization and I’m sticking with “listado.” Just so you know.

By the way, the reason “listado” is more reflective of proper Romance language morphology is because it has the “ado” ending which indicates a participle that has been turned into a noun. “Lista” has no such typical suffix to mark it as a noun. “Lista” is a verb form. It is a typical feature of English to turn verbs into nouns (and vice-versa) without any morphological change. That is not at all a typica feature of Spanish. Romance languages like to mark parts of speech with distinctive prefixes and suffixes. Therefore, I think “listado” is a more “Spanish” way of saying “list” in Spanish.


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