seen + heard

Heard today:

— Haggard woman on the bus to her equally haggard male companion: “The Saturday Market is back? I didn’t think it would be back until March! [Today is March 5th] Daddy, you gotta give me some money!”

Male (definitely not her father): “No I don’t!”

Female: “Oh yeah. You gotta hand down that cash.”


— Strip-mall aficionado looking woman walking outside the Lloyd Center, glancing over at protesters holding signs opposing the Iraq & Afghanistan wars: “Oh, they’re protesting about something … I should really watch the news.”


— In the team huddle/prayer  right before today’s tennis match: “God, you made us for victory. Help us win today.” Were the opposing team made for victory too? How does He decide who should win?


Seen Today

— Water that had been carefully weighed and heated to exactly 200 degrees (because 212 degrees is, obviously, much too high) being poured over coffee that had been equally fastidiously weighed and ground at a demonstration of how to do the pour over style of brewing coffee at Public Domain downtown.

Although some may find it pretentious or frivolous, I love the attention to detail that comes with experts bring to different endeavors like brewing beer or  making wine and coffee. I think there’s something aesthetically pleasing in and of itself in somebody who is so engrossed and well-versed in their craft that they can tell the difference between coffee that has steeped for 5 minutes and coffee that steeped for 4 and 1/2.


— Beautiful sunny skies over Portland with pearlescent white clouds lining the horizon.


— The ball I had just hit whizzing past my opponent’s outstretched racquet to win match point in my tennis match today.

The USTA season has started again. We have three matches in the next three weeks! I’m playing #1 singles for all of them. I can’t wait. So far, 1-0! You (whoever you, the reader, is) should definitely come and watch a match. Tennis is fun, really!


4 thoughts on “seen + heard

  1. You had me rolling on comments 2 & 3 (protest-observer and team prayer). I’m always insecure after a loss, thinking God must like the other team more!

  2. That’s awesome. I never considered the idea that God likes the other team better before this last weekend and now your comment. It will be great to have that hanging over my head when I play my next match on Friday 😉

  3. I didn’t know you played tennis. We should play together some day. I’m not very good, but I do enjoy it very much.

    Do you play indoors? I don’t remember that there were many days without rain in March (its now June and still raining).

    • Yep, I play on a tennis team out of Gresham at an indoor club. If we didn’t have indoor courts I’m not sure I’d play at all except for July and August. We should definitely play some time. Utzman recently took up tennis too so if Chris (or someone else) plays we could play doubles.

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