The Luck of the Irish (-themed road races)

5:30 am, Sunday March 13: I woke up, checked my clock and saw it was still to early to get up. Back to sleep for another half-hour.

6:00 am — My roommate’s alarm clock goes off, 1 minute before mine. But here’s what you have to understand: my and my roommate’s internal clocks are so different we might as well be different species. I’m happiest getting up at 6:30 and going to bed at 10:30. She’s happiest going to bed at 2:30am and getting up at 10:30 am. So, why was her alarm clock going off at 6:00 on a Sunday morning? That should have been my first clue.

I stumbled out of bed and looked at her alarm: 7:00 am. Crap! Daylight. Savings. Time.

I was planning to run in the Shamrock Run today and was supposed to meet the Multnomah group at 7am at the Lloyd Center Max. What time again? 7am. Stupid Daylight Savings Time!

I made it to the MAX by 7:30. I looked to my left while waiting for the train and saw the friend of a friend who I had met several times. He was going to the race too! And running in the same event as I was! Redemption! We rode the MAX together, rushed through the rain to the packet pick-up and got separated near the starting line, planning to call each other when we were done.

The starting gun went off. 1h45m, 9.5 miles and many hills later, I had finished! Nothing to do then but collect some SWAG and get a free massage.

My favorite parts of the race:

— a group running together with “Put a Bird On It” pinned to the back of their shirts along with the outline of a bird. Portlandia, anyone?

— the guy who was trying to throw away his water cup at one of the aid stations but accidentally hit another runner with it instead. He looked really embarrassed.

— the band of bagpipers at the top of Terwilliger. I don’t know why bagpiping and running seemed to go so well together but they really did!

— Randomly day-dreaming during the seemingly endless uphill: What if the rapture happened right this second? And I was still running but I was like magically running on the air. And all the non-raptured runners were like, “That’s not fair! If we have to run on the ground she should have to also!” And then they were like “Oh … right … Crap.”

— And, of course, crossing the finish line 🙂 The 15k finishers got really cool bottle opener medals from the Widmer Brothers Brewery. See?


2 thoughts on “The Luck of the Irish (-themed road races)

  1. I like everything about this blog. You should have written about texting said friend and waking her up for the number of ‘friend of a friend’. That would have been a good addition.

    Also, cograts you little runner!

  2. “the guy who was trying to throw away his water cup at one of the aid stations but accidentally hit another runner with it instead. He looked really embarrassed.”

    hahahahahahahaha!!!!! i would have laughed so hard.

    good job finishing the race, gretchen.

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