97220: My ‘Hood

The warren of streets that connects my various haunts is very dear to me. I walk the streets frequently going back and forth from work and yoga and friends’ houses and the grocery store. The familiar houses & gardens & corners & plants & cats & what-not are the familiar landmarks of my little jaunts. Sometimes things change — like the day goats arrived in a neighbor’s garden (you’ll see pictures of them soon) — and the weather always casts a new light on the familiar sights. So, here, for your enjoyment, are pictures of my neighborhood.

Clouds + summer sun peeking through = beautiful evening sky

More clouds -- aren't they nice?

A dissatisfied ATM customer shares his critique

A tricycle stored on top of a hedge, naturally.

This affectionate message was found on a discarded entertainment center set out on the curb to be picked up. It seemed sad to me to write this message on something so imminently to be thrown away.

See? Here are the goats!

A grim real life still life

You can't tell, but this is the crazy steep & long hill that I battle every Wednesday morning. It usually wins.



4 thoughts on “97220: My ‘Hood

  1. I really enjoy your blog!

    It’s sad to see the goats in such small crates.

    Our neighborhood is quintessential Portland, good job capturing some of its essence!

    • Thanks, Maylanee! Luckily the goats don’t live in the crate all the time. They just huddled up in there because it was drizzling a little. But I agree, Montavilla is very Portland. Which reminds me, have you guys been to the Observatory or the Country Cat on Stark Street? Both are supposed to be quite good.

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