Of Goats & Gardens

Well, there’s goat news to report. I walked past their garden today on my way to return some garden tools to a friend (Thanks, Caitlin!) and a couple was working outside planting trees. They saw me with my tools and we stopped to talk.

See, all along I had been imagining that this somewhat unruly house and garden were occupied by a cadre of young hippies. Turns out, the occupants are actually middle-aged Multnomah grads! They’re building a community garden on their property as part of Village Builder Convergence . They plan to donate some of the produce they grow to the Oregon Food Bank. What’s more, they want their backyard garden to be a community hang-out space. They welcome volunteers to help plant, tend and harvest. I was quite inspired by what they’re doing there and very glad to see some Multnomah grads giving back in this non-traditionally Evangelical way right in MU”s neighborhood.

In other garden & church news, Central Bible Church has created a community garden. They’re giving away plots, one of which I’ve claimed. I spent a very enjoyable hour this morning turning up the soil and plan to sit with garden books and the internet tonight to decide what to plant this weekend. Here’s a picture of my plot all ready for plants:

My little garden!

So, that’s all the garden & goat news for the moment. A demain!


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