Why I Thought I Was Lazy (or how doing stuff makes you tired)

Summer school is a mandatory part of my MA.T program. What this means is that I’m in school from 3p-9p Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. In July it will just be 6-9, MWF. This sounds a little sucky, I admit, but I’m doing my best (and praying a lot) to be positive and grateful for the opportunity to be trained for my future career.

The point of all this is that I spend A LOT of time sitting on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Then, on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I work from 9-3 so I spend a lot of time sitting then, too. My solution to this problem is to try and tire myself out before work/school so that I actually want to sit instead of being antsy and unfocused.

So, this morning I went for a good  run and played a couple of sets of really fun tennis. I came home starving, ate lunch, watched the French Open men’s semi (Yay Federer!), cleaned up my apartment and went to class for 5 hours.

Now I’m home. I was thinking about what to blog and resenting somewhat the effort it would take. “How can I be tired of blogging only 3 days into my month of blogging?” Then I realized, I’m not tired of blogging. I’m just tired. Doing stuff makes you tired. Right.

So, that’s it from me today. Tomorrow I’m up early to walk slowly on the treadmill at the gym so I can watch the women’s final on their TV. After that, I’m celebrating National Trails Day by participating in an REI trail maintenance day at Forest Park. In closing, here’s a picture of two donkeys I took at the Woodburn Tulip Festival back in April. Bis Morgen!


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