My Five Senses in Five Sentences

Seeing: Tropic Thunder — a lucky find today on the DVD shelf at the library.

Smelling: the Cauliflower Soup I made this afternoon — it’s really good in a bland sort of way.

Touching: the laundry I washed this morning — folding laundry is my very favorite household chore .

Tasting: my toothpaste — teeth are brushed and flossed.

Hearing: OPB’s Morning News — for some reason this program seems to be eternally reporting on the fate of salmon.


What are your five senses sensing?


4 thoughts on “My Five Senses in Five Sentences

  1. Seeing: the bag of chips Chris left in the recliner and the beer bottle on the side table next to the recliner.

    Smelling: for the most part nothing, but a little bit of smoke from the neighbors, as the windows are open, and there’s a glass on my end table that had red wine in it until a few minutes ago, so I can kind of smell that too.

    Touching: my computer, as it’s in my lap.

    Tasting: strawberries

    Hearing: Chris moving around the apartment, putting bottles in the recycle bin.

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