Why do the things that happen to stupid people happen to me?

Sometimes I do things that are unaccountably foolish. Many of them are, unfortunately, car-related. For example, just this week I honked at a bum who was slowly jaywalking in front of my car. When he heard the horn his head jerked in the direction of the sound like a dog. He then began stalking toward my car in a swerving, menacing kind of way. I don’t know what he would have done had he reached the car because I didn’t wait to find out. I just accelerated, swerved around him and pledged never to honk at a bum again.

The previous day I let my car get so low on gas that I was very nearly didn’t make it to the gas station which is like 1/3 of a mile from my apartment. I was praying with fists clenched around the steering wheel as I waited for the light to change so I could pull into the station.

Anyway, the other foolish thing I did recently was sign up for a running-obstacle course event, the Mud Run MS Portland. The event is a fund raiser for a national multiple sclerosis advocacy organization. They require participants to raise a minimum of $100 to run in the event. This is why it was foolish to sign up. I hate fund-raising. I mean, hate as in loathe, as in detest, as in really don’t think it’s good.

Nonetheless, I had signed up already so I, without much hope, put it up on Facebook. Honestly, when I see those sorts of fundraising requests from friends I rarely, if ever, donate so I wasn’t very optimistic. So far, my mom has donated $10.

So, that’s where I find myself. The race is a week from Saturday and I have $10 towards the $100 necessary. Since I’m committed to write a blog post anyway today, I figured this was as good a place as any to undergo exposure therapy and try to cure my hate of fundraising. If you, blog-reader, feel like you would like to donate something to MS I would be very grateful in a number of ways. You can click here to donate: http://main.nationalmssociety.org/site/TR?px=9781210&pg=personal&fr_id=17022

If you don’t want to donate, or can’t, that’s cool too. Anyway, I’ll let you all know what happens with this particular fund raising effort. Thanks in advance, either way.


One thought on “Why do the things that happen to stupid people happen to me?

  1. I have to say that if I had a job I would be in favor of supporting you. Also, I like the title of this one. And I like the the bum incident that you had… well not that you had it but that you told it.

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