I didn’t blog yesterday! Did you notice? I hate to disappoint my public. I had a good reason for not blogging, though.

Last night was the New Wine barbecue. It was a low-key time of hanging out, checking in, reminiscing and grilling. Very enjoyable. Just as I was leaving I checked my phone and saw a text from a friend inviting me to go to the Rose Festival. We headed downtown and showed up at the Rose Festival Carnival at about 9:45. We had time to ride 2 rides, walk the grounds, and eat fair food before heading out for Happy Hour. I got home about 1:00. Late nights are not my strong point so, I’m sad to say, I went to bed without blogging. Here’s a picture from inside the Spaceship Ride and a picture of people on the boat ride to show you what pulled me away from the computer:

It was great because it was such an unexpected way to spend an evening. I mean, when’s the last time you went to the carnival?

An epilogue to the above:

We were walking through the carnival grounds at about 10:45 at night. The carnival closed at 11. We saw a ride without a line and the operator was just hanging around. My friend, Ben, suggested that we should talk him into letting us slide down the slide for free. I volunteered for the job. I mustered my arguments and walked over to him. I presented my reasons in what I thought was a confiding, friendly voice that communicated, “Hey, buddy, I know all about being a working stiff. I get you and think you’re cool. In fact, I think you’re so cool that you’re going to give us a free ride.”

The ride operator was friendly enough but wouldn’t budge from his reason for not letting us ride for free: “I would get fired.” Fair enough. We walked away. “That’s my best try.” I said as we headed off. “No,” said Ben, “you’re supposed to, like, flip your hair and stuff!” I didn’t think a hair flip would overcome the risk of firing so we continued on.

This morning at church, I helped serve communion. Imagine my surprise when someone new came walking down the aisle. He looked just like the carnie! “How did he find us?” I thought to myself. I looked at Ben to see if he had noticed. He was just sitting in his seat praying. How could he pray when there was a carnie mystery to be solved? Communion not being the time to follow up on this sort of thing, I just went back to my seat, mentally composing a “Missed Connections” entry on Craigslist: “You were the rule-abiding carnie. I was the girl who pestered you and then served you the Body and Blood of Christ…” (Not really.)

After church, someone introduced me to the carnie, telling me that he was a graphic design student who had just moved to Portland with his wife. Oh, so not a carnie, then. So much for that exciting story line. Still though, you never know what might happen when you go to the carnival.



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