The Blogging Blues

It was my idea to blog everyday for a month. I roped my friend Celia into it too. Two-thirds of the way through the month, the shine is off this particular endeavor.

The reason I think I’m becoming somewhat disillusioned with blogging is that it is, by definition, a fast-paced and short-lived art form.  I write something one day with the awareness that you will read it and then tomorrow I will be required to produce something again. Part of the nature of blogging is that there is so much bulk that the quality all evens out int the end (or so I tell myself). So, each individual post has little weight.

Another frustrating element about blogging is what I perceive to be an ongoing failure to adequately express myself. When I was little I wanted to be an author. Later, I decided that I didn’t want to do that because I knew that I could never do it as well as I wanted to. Since then when people tell me that I’m a good writer I disagree, I just tell them that I “put words together well.” This is an entirely different skill than communicating in a precise, meaningful and complete way. After writing each blog, I go back and read through it. What I’m most struck by is the gulf between what I had in my mind and what I put on the page. This month’s experiment has convinced me that if I were to truly write something I could feel proud of, I would need to spend a great deal of time on it and revise it many many times.

So, although I’m frustrated with the experience of incompletely communicating every day (and, honestly, bored of myself) this month has encouraged & inspired me to try writing something more carefully someday, if only for my own satisfaction.


2 thoughts on “The Blogging Blues

  1. Its odd that I feel more connected to you than I’ve ever felt because of this blog-a-day-a-thon although I rarely see you.

    And you are a good writer. I follow your thought. That’s the intrinsic problem of language. Meaning of words can on only be deciphered by the recipient and therefore can lose the thinker’s original intent. Mostly, its 2 in the morning and I’m making stuff up.

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