Dime, dime tu

What does your ideal Saturday look like?

When I think of my ideal Saturday I think of how I want to feel at the end: tired, stimulated and happy. So my ideal Saturday would include time with friends, some sort of physical activity like tennis, hiking or running and some downtown to read or watch a movie.

Often, my Saturday involves chores and errands too. I do laundry, shop for groceries, return books to the library and just generally tidy up.

My goal for the coming week is to be more disciplined about cleaning and tidying up in the moment so there is less to do on Saturday.

What is your ideal Saturday? What does your Saturday actually normally look like? Seventh Day Adventists and Jews may describe their ideal Sunday instead.


5 thoughts on “Dime, dime tu

  1. This would change from time to time, but here’s what I think would be ideal now. Coffee with friends, and this needs to include some kind of food. Time at home, reading or working on various projects, probably some lunch (assuming I grocery shopped at some point in the week). A run, followed by a nice shower. Dinner out with friends, or having friends over for dinner. Maybe dessert, maybe not. Definitely wine or beer. And a good night’s sleep.

    • I like how lunch makes the cut IF you grocery shopped 😉
      Also, I love that running makes the list!
      Also also, your ideal Saturday sounds a lot like your description of your visit with your parents — that means it must have been a good visit!

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  3. Generally it looks like waking up late, going shopping during the day (for anything… clothes, yard stuff, groceries…) and then spending the night with my friends (watching a movie, playing soccer, eating out…). This is generally what my every saturday looks like.

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