Summer Sunday

Maybe I’m psychic, or maybe it’s the power of wishful thinking, but today, Sunday, fit the bill exactly for my perfect Saturday which I described to you yesterday.

I went to church, Hope Presbyterian, in the morning. Our pastoral intern preached a beautiful and challenging sermon about the Beatitudes. After church I had some very sweet and nourishing conversation with some other girls at church which really spoke to what I had been praying about on my way to church: increased spiritual engagement and enhanced community.

After that I went to help a friend move. We had more good conversation about issues he’s been working through and how that relates to my experiences and just basically helped each other process different thoughts and feelings.I left when there was still much of the job left to do, unfortunately, but reinforcements were on the way so I knew it would get done.

While finishing up the moving I received a text inviting me to go hiking with some good friends of mine. We went to Mirror Lake on Mount Hood. The trail is a peaceful, gradual uphill climb which ends at a small, placid lake tucked away beneath Tom Dick and Harry Mountain with a beautiful view of Mount Hood. The trail is very popular so we saw a lot of people on the way up and down. It’s easy, scenic and close to Portland so I can see why so many people choose it.

Finally, I ended the day by watching the beginning of a documentary about Ali v. Foreman, the Rumble in the Jungle, and reading a chapter from Listed, a book about the creation of the Endangered Species Act along with some case studies of individual animals included on the list and the way that their inclusion on the list has affected the people who share (or would like to share) their ecosystem.

The bonus element which helped make today so enjoyable was that I am following through on my resolution to be more on top of household chores. It may seem simple, but things as basic as hanging up clothes immediately instead of stacking them on the bed and vacuuming tonight instead of putting it off until tomorrow make a big difference in my mood and the apartment. It feels good to get ready for bed tonight knowing that all the chores are done and a clean house awaits the coming week.


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