5 Things

1.  I was frustrated during class tonight. We were talking about “biblical worldview” (a term I have no use for). The teacher was instructing us on how to relate to our non-Christian students and how to “equip” Christian students not to have their faith shaken (or broken) by “post-modernist” university professors. This kind of talk makes me so angry, sometimes — it’s ironic that I can feel so un-Christlike because I think people aren’t representing Christ accurately. The mission of Christians is not to convince non-Christians to agree with the world as Christians see it (as if we all saw it the same way) but rather to help people meet Christ and know Him and be in deep relationships with Him. I’ve explained this inarticulately, I know, but it’s hard to explain.

2. This Christianity Today article blew my mind this morning: http://www.christianitytoday.com/ct/2011/june/historicaladam.html

I CANNOT believe that Christian professors are being fired from universities because they accept scientific consensus about evolution, the age of the earth and don’t hold to a strict, two individuals interpretation of Genesis 1-2. Boy, Christians are bumming me out today.

3. Speaking of blowing peoples minds: This morning I had a tutoring session with one of the 2 little Vietnamese boys that I tutor. We used our break time to read a picture book about pyramids and mummification. It was tremendously entertaining reading this book with a 4th grader who found every detail astounding and almost unbelievable. He was freaked out, and a little disgusted, by the idea of removing peoples’ organs and storing them in jars next to their dessicated and shroud wrapped bodies. Also, he was very indignant about graves robbers. “They’re thieves!” he exclaimed, very scandalized. He also didn’t believe me at first that they were grave robbers because in the picture showed Egyptian guys with white cloths wrapped around their waists and shaved, bronzed heads. “Thieves wear black masks and caps” he said. “Not ancient Egyptian grave robbers,” I told him.

4. I’m planning a trip to Olympic National Park next weekend with my Dad who will be up for a visit. I’m very excited about it! The plan is to visit Cape Flattery, the Northwesternmost point of the contiguous United States. I also want to visit Dungeness Spit, a 5 mile long sandbar that sticks out into the Strait of Juan de Fuca from the Olympic Peninsula.

5. I’m officially training for the North County Wine Run Half-Marathon. I’ve got a training schedule printed out and everything. My goal is to run a 2-hour marathon, which would be quite an improvement over my first half-marathon, the Foot Traffic Flat Half, run almost exactly 1 year ago, on July 4, 2011


8 thoughts on “5 Things

  1. Christians make me angry often too, for various reasons. I was angry a lot while I was in seminary! Then I changed denominations and now I steer clear of any writings from the previous one that made me so angry 🙂

    Your dad/tennis racket dealer is coming?? Do Caitlin and I need to talk to him?? 😉

    Yay for the Half-Marathon!!! Even though I’m giving up running events for a while (maybe not forever but definitely for now), I’m excited for you about this one! It sounds amazing and if I was ever going to train for a marathon I think I’d pick one in wine country too!

    • Your plan of just avoid inflammatory writings/people is probably the smart thing to do.

      Yes, in fact, 2 wine country running events! I’m going to do the Napa Valley Marathon in the Spring. I’ve decided to do 1 half and 1 full each year — that way I don’t go overboard on race fees but I still have a goal to train for.

      Let’s play tennis soon!!

  2. thank you….just thanks. clear cool air, pictures of my nephew, small glass of red wine, and your pontifications…all equally uplifting and clarifying for me…well done:)

    • I have to have a race or something to train for or else I don’t run so I put something on the calendar. You should definitely sign up for something soon too! We can work on our same goal at the same time 🙂

  3. You are not alone on #1. And in fact, I applaud your precise explanation. A one sentence explanation of the mission of Christians is hard to come by, and I think your sentence does a darn good job.

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