What I Did on My (First) Summer Vacation

Let me just say, first, that I miss blogging! It’s hard to work up the discipline to blog when I’m not contractually obligated to do it everyday. But I still think of things that I would like to blog about. Part of the value of the blog-a-day challenge was that I never minded posting mundane or inane things because I had to post something. Now I feel like I need to post real stuff in order to make it worthwhile. So, my pledge to you, blog world, is to post more inane, half-formed crap. You’re welcome.

My dad was here for a week visiting. Here’s our week in pictures:

First stop: McMenamins Edgefield. Soo busy on 4th of July Weekend!

On the beach at Lincoln City. Lincoln City = not that great. Somebody almost got raped while we were there.

After breakfast at the New Deal Cafe on Tuesday morning we spent some time practing walking on this spinning balance wheel thing. Very fun and very challenging. Also, a little bit scary.

Me with Geroge in the capitol buliding at Olympia, Wa. People rub his nose for good luck. Washington was almost named Columbia but people thought that it would get confused with the District of Columbia so they named in Washington instead.

Next stop on our tour of the Kitsap Peninsula: the Scandinavian town of Pouslbo. We went to the aquarium and the bakery here. The streets had Scandinavian names, all the businesses were Scandinavian-themed and all murals featured viking ships.

We ended the day in the underappreciated city of Tacoma. This is the Tacoma Narrows bridge.

Last stop of the trip: Anthony's, a very busy seafood restaurant right on the Sound. Why does food taste better with a view?

In addition to the above we played a lot of tennis, watched several good movies (including Cedar Rapids, The Trip and Doubt) and enjoyed good cart food in Portland.

I think I like vacations more than most people (I can’t be sure but I really like them a lot.) Next on the itinerary are a hiking trip to South Sisters, a road trip to Montana and a family vacation to Utah and Colorado. Why can’t it be summer all year round?


2 thoughts on “What I Did on My (First) Summer Vacation

  1. sounds like a divine vacation! Good people + good places = VACATION
    Love love love the new ‘do! and where is that balance circle thingy? anywhere near me?

    • Thanks, Vicki! I like your vacation definition. The balance circle thing is in Normandale Park at NE 57th and Halsey. It’s a nice park — they also have a running path and a dog run area.

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