Recreation Vacation

I took a break from life this weekend. I cancelled my plans, watched lots of movies, walked and read. My life is so scheduled — sometimes too much so. I heard someone at church the other week say “Well, I’m busy on Monday but I’m free every other night.” There hasn’t been a week this year that I could say that. I feel like I’m busy all the time. But, what do you get rid of? There’s a reason that I’m involved in the things I’m involved in: I like them and they’re important to me.

I knew that I was truly making the most of my break this weekend on Saturday morning. I got up early because a run was on the calendar. I ate my pre-run breakfast while reading a book: The Golden Compass, the first in the His Dark Materials trilogy by Philip Pullman. (I realized recently that teen/young adult fantasy novels are my reading guilty pleasure.) The book was good so I kept reading. I kept reading until I finished the book. It was 10:00 by then. I should have been home from my run, not just starting it. Unphased, I went out for the run anyway. It was too hot so I did 5 miles instead of 10. I came back home not feeling disappointed and angry with myself (as I usually would) but simply matter-of-fact and accepting of the realities of training in the heat. That, for me, was a real break. No schedule, no expectations and no “shoulds.”

My friend Felix wrote recently about his issues with resting. I really appreciated his posts because I feel the same way sometimes. I want to work when I’m resting and I want to rest when I’m working. I’m really grateful I had this good, quiet, relaxing weekend. I’m grateful the weekend ended today with church & ultimate frisbee afterward. I’m thinking about long-term changes I could make to free up my schedule. Thoughts about resting, relaxing and scheduling?


5 thoughts on “Recreation Vacation

  1. Sounds like a great weekend! I’ve had Saturdays where I started reading when I got up and didn’t stop until I went to bed that night.

    What’s your pre-run breakfast? I

    • Pre-run breakfast for me is toast (or a bagel or something) with peanut butter and a banana (or part of a banana). It’s simple carbs, a little bit of fat and protein and easy to digest. My mom just eats a big bowl of cheerios but I don’t like having milk before running.

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