Here are 5 things for the day:

1) I think I saw someone I know at the pool this morning. I can’t be sure because I didn’t have my glasses on. The person I saw (if it’s who I think it was) is an elderly priest at the Episcopal church where I work. He was sitting in the hot tub with 2 other old guys. I looked toward them, thought I recognized him (but wasn’t sure because of my eyesight), looked right away again and hurried out of the pool area. Very smooth.

Here's me in the pool but not this morning.

2) The Dental Van is at my work today. Medical Teams International is a great PNW-based charity that does good work here and abroad. One of my favorite things about the Dental Van is the odd-couple pairings it creates. This morning, for example, an older, white homeless man with chest-length dreads spent an hour and a half in conversation with a young black guy wearing a do rag. I didn’t linger to hear what they were talking about although I wish I would have.

3) More work news: this morning I was talking with one of the dental van volunteers and, when someone’s name come up in conversation, I told her that I was frustrated by their demeanor towards me when we worked together. Reflecting on the conversation later, I felt that it was wrong to have talked badly about someone to this other person and prayed that God would help me do better in the future. Later in the day another co-worker came in and started criticizing the volunteer from this morning. I told her that I disagreed with her criticisms and that I liked the person she was talking about. So, an answer to prayer and makes me even for the day gossip-wise, right? After I didn’t join in the criticism, my co-worker abruptly left the office. So, that’s good.

4) Did you know that Multnomah County Library has a system where you can check out audiobooks just like you check out print books? I’ve been listening to the 2nd and 3rd books in the His Dark Materials trilogy by Philip Pullman this week. It’s really set me on edge! The books are fast moving, very dramatic and suspenseful. The main characters are constantly in danger, fighting and escaping. I think I need to choose calmer audiobooks to fill my ears with.

5) Off to Missoula, Montana tomorrow! With a trip to Utah & Colorado in August that means I’ll add 3 new states to my tally this summer. So far, I’ve only been to 20. How about you?


2 thoughts on “Addenda

  1. I’ve been thinking of you lately. Wondering why I’ve waited this long to invite you over. Maybe because I assumed you don’t need an invitation, or that my husband will invite a group to do something and I’ll see you then, or that I’m just being lazy. Probably all true. Have a wonderful holiday. Call me when you return.

    I’ve been to all the states except for the ones farthest northeast – Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. And nowhere recently.

  2. Nowhere recently except Europe 🙂

    Yeah, I want to see you guys and the new house! We’ll have to set up something soon. I’ll be out of town the first three weeks of August but after that for sure.

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