Church friends and I made the trek to Missoula, Montana last weekend to visit another church friend who is interning in Montana for the summer.It was great to see him and we had a wonderful time!

Friday Highlights:

— Leaving PDX at 5PM!

–Becoming gradually more and more awestruck by the canopy of stars that emerged above our car as we drove east.

–Pulling into our campsite at 3am and confusing a shed for a bathroom. We may or may not have peed behind the shed.

Saturday & Sunday Highlights:

— Sleeping until 9:30am while camping!

— Mochas and muffins in a Missoula coffee shop

— Playing on the dragon playground

— Wading in the Clark Ford

— Jumping into the Clark Ford contrary to posted signage

— Exploring the U Montana — Missoula campus

— And tubing!!!

Sunday night’s drive home included in a 2-hour detour around Lake Coeur d’Alene which was large, pristine and icy blue. All of us came home with a love for Montana and a resolve to visit the Idaho panhandle, Eastern Washington and Western Montana again sometime soon!


2 thoughts on “Missoula!

  1. What fun! My Dad lives in Bozeman…you have to drive a couple more hours and visit Big Sky next time. You’ll love it! So glad y’all had a great time.

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