The Run Down

I hereby declare August my most vacation filled month to date. Here’s what went down:

Aug 6-20 — Trip to California, Colorado and Utah.

I rubbed elbows with some of Oakland’s most prominent citizens as a volunteer at an American Cancer Society event, took an Amtrak train to Colorado with my family, drove to Utah, rafted on the Colorado, hiked in beautiful desert locales, waded in a slot canyon, saw thousand year old pictographs, hunted for crawdads and met a distant, semi-relative.

Aug 20-21 — Rafting on the Deschutes River

With friends, I rafted, “rode” some rapids in my life jacket, floated down a river and over a mini-waterfall, camped out under the stars and had a lot of fun!

Aug 27-28 — Portland to Coast

A last minute invitation to join a team led to 27 hours of relay power walking, through forests, in daytime and in nighttime, camping out, sleeping in the truck, and ending up on a beach in Seaside at 7:30 in the morning, watching the first-place Hood to Coast team power across the finish line. A very singular experience! We placed 6th in our division and 38th out of 400 teams!

The weekend ended up with swimming in the Sandy River, barbecuing and general summer fun back in Portland.

I plan to blog about all of these adventures soon with pictures included. What a good month!

Now school starts tomorrow and student teaching starts Tuesday. I expect September to be another very good month but in a very different way.


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