Today Should Have Sucked

For the purposes of this blog post, yesterday counts as part of today.

So, yesterday I hit myself in the eye with my tennis racquet while (athletically and gracefully, I’m sure) going after a serve. My team mates rushed over, concerned, and while the ladies gave directions the men sprang into action and brought a compress, disinfectant and bandaids. 5 minutes later I was all fixed up and play resumed.

Worried by dire predictions of scars, I went to the emergency room at 9:00 last night and paid $50 for a PA in bowling shoes to tell me that it was “already healing nicely” and stitches wouldn’t be necessary. I really wanted stitches.

Tennis-related eyebrow injury

(An exception to the suckiness is that a Mexican family I know was at the emergency room and we got to chat — the Mexican people I know are loyal, friendly and so warm. It’s always a joy to see them.)

This morning, I went to the dentist and got my very first filling ever. Novocaine and a very loud, piercing drill were involved. The dentist called me “honey,” and “sweetheart,” the whole time which I resent (although I know it’s well intentioned.)

So, I showed up to school today with a half-paralyzed face, a swollen, bruised eye and a cut eyebrow. I was really embarrassed by how my face looked half-paralyzed. I felt self-conscious ordering coffee, saying hello to colleagues in the hall and talking in front of the kids.  Maybe it’s silly to say, but it gave me some something for people who deal with long-term paralysis and disfigurement.

After school I went to the doctor where I waited for two and a half hours to be seen! The doctor chatted away on unrelated issues when it was my turn to be seen. I appreciated the friendliness but also would have appreciated seeing the doctor before 5:30 for my 3:00 appointment. For Peace Corps purposes, I had a full physical, gynecological exam and blood drawn. While I waited I finished Learning to Pray in the Age of Techinque, a depressing and somewhat chilling character study of a depraved man who, as his own God, as set up power and the will to power as the greatest good and ultimate decider.

Finally, after my doctor’s appointment I rushed off to tennis practice where I was, without a doubt, the worst person out on the court. Mixed doubles always carries the possibility of a hot-headed guy ruining everyone’s fun. That didn’t happen tonight but my partner would definitely have been a lot happier if we had won.

So, 3 miserable doctor appointments, 1 bruised eye, 1 hurting tooth,  4 tough sets and 24 hours later this day should really have sucked but … it didn’t. I guess I’ll just be grateful, go to bed, and not overanalyze it too much.

P.S. You should read Learning to Pray! It was a GREAT book. The main character is such an anti-hero that you can’t help but compare him to Christ and praise God for Christ’s goodness and sacrifice. The book also has a fascinating mini-chapter on the Holy Spirit which I want to share soon. The Midland branch of the Multnomah County Public Library really knows how to pick it’s staff recommendations!


6 thoughts on “Today Should Have Sucked

  1. I love the title of this blog post.
    I’m glad it didn’t “suck”. Also, I wish I could force myself to read more. You always write about the books you read that sound so interesting but I have a list of books that I haven’t and won’t read for a while. Good on you, man.

      • I mean, I feel guilty reading for pleasure if I don’t read first for school. And that requirement always becomes a burden… so I put off reading for class and ergo put off reading for pleasure.

        On an up note, I’m reading a book (partly for pleasure and hopefully for class) called The Rite about the Catholic rite of exorcism which is being widely re-introduced as a more common practice in the catholic church.

    • I feel stupid and bored if I don’t read. Plus, there are so many interesting things to read that I feel like I have to keep reading to keep up.
      I think the filling is on tooth # 13 — are they numbered like that? I don’t remember what the dentist wrote down. It’s like the 2nd or 3rd tooth from the book on the upper left side of my mouth. I don’t know what kind of filling — he used the drill briefly and then put like some gum or paste or glue or something in it and then they “cured” it with a little light gun thing. Does that make any sense?

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