Am I Smart? (Or maybe very stupid)

(Mom, if you read this, you should probably just pretend you didn’t.)

So, what feels like months ago (but really just six weeks), I took a trip to the charming Olympic Peninsula. I realize now that I never blogged about it which is a shame because it was a great trip with pretty pictures. I’ll try to do that soon. Here’s one, though.

In any case, during that trip I started to notice an issue with my “vintage” (1990) car. There was a kind of bumping or catching noise/feel when I accelerated or braked and the steering wheel would sometimes shake back and forth while I was driving, although the car didn’t change directions at all, the steering wheel just shook.

Rather than interrupt my trip, I just ignored the problem. Then, when I got home, rather than interrupt my daily schedule, I just ignored the problem.

Then, it started to rain and the shaking/bumping began to happen more often. Then, whenever I drove anywhere,  I began to have ugly visions flash before my eyes of the car veering out of control, the steering wheel turning futilely and my cheap old car crashing into someone’s nice, new car.

With great fear of a four-digit repair bill & multiple car-less days, I brought the car to my trusty local mechanic (just 6 blocks from home!). A few hours later I got the diagnosis: worn out tire rods which were coming loose. The bill — $200.

Now that I knew that it was such an easy fix, I felt stupid and foolish for not taking care of it sooner. But, now that I knew that it was a mostly benign problem and easy to fix, I felt smart for not rushing to fix it right away.

So, I’m either smart and thrifty or stupid and cheap. I just don’t know which yet. Either way, my car is fixed.


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