What I’m Wearing

Getting dressed in the morning is often an enjoyable process for me. I like picking out what I’m going to wear. I don’t like it because of my (anemic) interest in fashion. I like it because almost everything I own has some little memory or significance for me that I think about when I’m choosing it.

It’s cold today so I’m wearing a scarf that my brother and I picked out for my sister last Christmas. She promptly re-gifted it … to me. Win-Win?

I’m also wearing a hat that I knit for my Dad for Christmas. I knit it in July which means I get to wear it myself until Christmas and then knit a new one to replace it  in January.

Speaking of my Dad, I’m wearing a gray shirt with 3 small stains on the front (don’t worry — they’re hidden by my scarf.) I kind of like the stains because I remember when I got them: we took an impromptu 4th of July trip to the coast and ate clams in garlic sauce on the 11th floor of a fancy hotel in Lincoln City. I remember the gulls flying outside the window and the sight of the waves crashing on the beach as we ate.

I’m also wearing a black jacket from REI. I like this jacket because it makes me think of my mom who told me to just use her magenta jacket from the 80s rather than buying this one. (I decided to take that particular piece of maternal advice.)  This jacket is also the one I wore during Portland to Coast this summer so it makes me think of race-walking, long hours in the van and finishing at the beach in Seaside early Saturday morning

I’m wearing earrings that I bought at Claire’s when I was in high school. The hooked back of one of the earrings kept poking me so I cut it down. Now I have to worry about that earring falling out all the time because the hook is so short. Thanks, high school me.


I’m wearing sensible & professional black flats and black pants that I got this summer for student teaching. I like putting these on in the morning because they remind me of the fact that I’m actually, finally, in a school working as a teacher.


Finally, I’m wearing glasses that I got last month because the Peace Corps recommends against wearing contacts in the field. Every time I wear my new glasses I’m reminded that 10 months from now I will be in Africa. (What?! — Still kind of blows my mind.)


So, that’s what I’m wearing today. What are you wearing?


2 thoughts on “What I’m Wearing

  1. 10 months??? That is so soon!

    Today I wore jeans. Jeans that are falling off of me so badly that about 10 times today I feared I would expose myself to the public. This is not a bad problem to have, and it’s a nice little benefit of running, but I really must go belt shopping soon lest I be arrested for indecent exposure.
    And I wore my OMSI Hancock filed station t-shirt that I got Labor Day weekend when Rachel and I went to visit Amy. Fun memories. And I had on a pull over all day too because it’s crazy cold, and the pull over is one I took from one of the exchanges that some friends and I had sometime within the last year or so.
    I wore my running shoes all day because I still kind of need to in order to support the ankle.

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