Local Book Love

On Friday, October 21st,  I had the great pleasure to hear a reading from two talented authors at Broadway Books in Portland.

The first was a local author that I had never heard of before, Lisa Wells. She read from her book Yeah. No. Totally. The essay she read, a reflection on a favorite family vacation spot which has since been erased by housing developments, was well-written, well-read and evocative of the “now” in Oregon. Zeitgeist is the word, she is the voice. I haven’t read the book yet but I plan to.

The next person to read was Matt Love, whom I’ve written about before. Love is an author and high-school English teacher in Newport, Oregon. He’s written previously about his stint as a caretaker on a wildlife refuge. His current book is about the Yaquina Bay Bridge, the “crown jewel of Oregon socialism.” He handed out a newspaper issue his students created all about the bridge, with pictures, poems and stories. It’s amazing what properly led and motivated high schoolers can do. I haven’t read Love’s book yet either but it’s on my list of Oregon stuff to do before moving.

It’s amazing how much there is on offer in Portland any given night!



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