Of Crafting and Completing

I spent last Friday, Saturday and Sunday at a cottage on the Oregon Coast. The reason? I was attending the semi-annual Craft Weekend organized by my very talented friend and fellow-church member.

Those short hours were some of the most relaxing I’ve spent all year. We cooked meals for each other, sat in front of a fire, knitted, sewed, EDITED: and crocheted! (Thanks, Liza)  read and discussed all manners of crafts and more. There were no time requirements, no demands and no structure. Whatever you felt like doing, be it napping or casting on a new project, you could do.  I love all sorts of vacations but there’s no denying that some are more relaxing than others. Rafting down the Deschutes this summer was tremendously enjoyable, but it didn’t give me the same sense of re-charging and renewal as Craft Weekend did.

The only downside of Craft Weekend, for me, was that I couldn’t completely banish thoughts of school and homework from my mind. In fact, a reoccurring thought was to wonder if the return to school and work would feel more difficult on Monday because of the uber-relaxing weekend I was enjoying.

Well, I don’t know if it was more difficult but I can certainly tell you that today was its fair share of difficult. All student’s schedules were changed this week so it was quite an adjustment getting used to new combinations of students in every period. It’s very weird to meet a student in your class for the first time a week before Thanksgiving! After school we had a staff meeting at which, in response to some staff meeting drama last week, we tried to establish meeting norms. This was, as you can imagine, arduous (but rewarding.)

Now, I’m at home in pajamas, having spent 1.5 hours working on homework. I didn’t want to do the homework but it was on my to-do list. That meant that I could cross of that item when I finished it. So finish it I did. It’s amazing how much motivation a simple to-do list gives me.

So there you go, my world the last couple days in 2 words: crafting & completing. I’ll keep looking forward to the day, not too long from now, when my Masters degree will be completed for real!


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