Courier’s Zwicklemania

Hedonismbot from Futurama

I feel a little like hedonismbot today because the day was so full of gustatory and sensory pleasures. But, despite my Puritan leanings, I don’t feel bad about it at all. In fact, today was close to a perfect Saturday in Portland. Let me count the ways…

(1) Running (a whole 3 miles ) with friends in Laurelhurst Park at 8am. We ran through the historic cemetery on Stark Street which was very cool. Earliest grave spotted = 1835. Best of all, this short little run restored to me my love of running. I’m still not training for the marathon, though.

(2) Coffee at Courier’s Coffee with the Saturday Morning Coffee group. I have it on good authority that Courier’s is the best coffee in town. After this morning I can offer as evidence for that statement slightly bittersweet dark chocolate mochas, semolina flour muffins right out of the oven, and extremely nice, knowledgeable and passionate baristas.

(3) Zwicklemania Oregon Brewery Tour. This amazing little brew tour is put on the Oregon Brewer’s Guild. The deal is that there’s a shuttle traveling on a little loop between 9 Portland breweries all afternoon. Once you join the tour you can visit as many or as few of the breweries as you want, going on brewery tours and doing tastings at each one. Hopworks even gave out free bicycle water bottles and pint glasses! We went there, Green Dragon, The Commons Brewery and Hair of the Dog. My favorites were Hopworks and The Commons because both gave some insight into the beer-making process. At Hopworks we got a full tour of their very local and green brewing system. At The Commons we got to taste 3 Belgian beers at different stages in the fermentation process and then their finished products. It was very cool to taste the difference between a 3-day-old beer and a fully finished beer!

I ended the day with my new favorite dinner at home (poached egg and kale over rice with some soy sauce — so good!) and some laundry. I actually ironed for once, even. My intention for Lent is to give up TV and movies so I’m also catching up on my 30 Rock and Parks & Rec as well as a documentary about endangered languages before Wednesday. Good night!


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