Creativity Be Damned.

Well, today was, again, awesome but, like a 2-year-old, I tired myself out from so much playing. So, here’s just another run-down. I’ll be more creative tomorrow.

1) Church. I love church. My church in particular. The sermon this morning was excellent; it was about Numbers 21 and Moses lifting up the bronze serpent to heal the Israelites in the wilderness.

2) After that I went to do errands with a friend from church. His errands are way better than my errands. We went to The Rebuilding Center and saw piles, crates and shelves full of old building materials that were being re-purposed. Here are some pictures:

3) Then we went to Pistil’s Nursery to buy worms. The shop was beautiful, inside and out. My favorite part was watching the employee dig up the worms from their soil filled box outside. As soon as she lifted the lid the chickens flocked around to get a piece of the worms being doled out.

4) After that I went to REI to pick up snowshoes for tomorrow!

5) Finally, I met a friend at Circuit Bouldering Gym in the SW. Her very cool school was having a free night for students and their friends. Climbing is hard! We tried different routes, found a few that we could do, climbed on and promptly fell off the slack line and just generally had a good time. If I had more money I would belong to a bouldering gym fo sho.










PS — I’m listening to the best of Hank Williams on Spotify while I’m writing this. Hank Williams is so under-appreciated. He died really young and left behind a son who’s a too-easy target for ridicule but he made some great songs during his short life. Maybe I’ll do a music Top 10 tomorrow…


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