(I Can’t Get No) TV Action

My friend and I are giving up tv and movies for Lent. I think it’s a healthy thing to take a break from electronic media periodically. And, in fact, I hope to use some of the newly gained time to learn to play the violin, an ambition I’ve had for several years now.

I think this Lenten discipline will be good for me. I just imagine myself writing an entry in some angst-filled diary of the ordeal like I’m part of the Donner Party or something:
“March 1, 7 days without tv. I’m starting to forget what the Geico gecko’s voice sounds like. Several members of the party are already suffering from terminal boredom and we hold little hope for their survival. We buried another one last night. She had gotten delirious by the end and kept asking for her TV guide. We didn’t have the heart to tell her that it wouldn’t do her any good any more.” and so on…

I’m also actually worried that I might be happier without tv and permanently change my viewing habits. I can’t help feeling my life would be poorer without 30 minutes of Liz Lemon each week. Its kind of paradoxical to think that I will miss something my life is actually richer without. Well, time will tell…


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