My Marathon Mistake

So, as I’ve mentioned before here, I’m planning to run the Napa Valley Marathon next Sunday, March 4th. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned (except in passing) that I stopped training for the marathon about 1 month ago.

I stopped training because I stopped enjoying the training. I agonized over the decision for a little while. I was OK with stopping but I worried that people around me would think I was a quitter. More importantly, I worried that my marathon partner, my mom, would be disappointed in me for stopping training. To my relief, she released me, so to speak, to do what I wanted: whether to stop training or to continue. She saw no need to use my time in ways that I wasn’t enjoying, especially since I’m in my last semester in Portland. So, I stopped training.

Before I stopped training, however, the NVM publicity people contacted me about putting my name and story into marathon publicity. I happily allowed them to do so. Then, last Friday, the publicity people contacted me again. They needed a picture of me because the local Napa newspaper was going to include me in a story about marathon participants. I, again, complied with their request but this time with a great deal more trepidation. There’s a great potential for embarrassment when you’re given attention for participating in a marathon that you may well not be able to finish.

But, glutton for punishment I must be, because the picture was duly sent and the article will be published. I’ve come up with a mini-scheme for motivating myself during the marathon (and I also plan to use the run-walk method) so we will see. It may well be that I manage not to completely embarrass myself yet.


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