I could but I wouldn’t. I shouldn’t but I might.

It would be legitimate to accuse me of being late to the party but I’ve only just recently come to appreciate the freedoms one has as an adult. By that I mean that I’ve realized all the bad decisions that I could make.

Driving my car to school: “I could just keep driving and not show up for work today.”

At the store: “I could buy a hundred dollars worth of alcohol right now and drink it all.”

Contemplating a tattoo: “I could get a tattoo on my face.”

Idly looking at hotels for an upcoming trip to Madrid: “I could stay at the Westin for $200/night and put it on a credit card.”

I could make all of these decisions but I don’t think I will. The rewards for being a responsible human being and the negative consequences of acting irresponsibly are motivation enough to keep my on the straight and narrow. Nonetheless, I do enjoy contemplating all the horrible decisions I could make.


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