Peace Corps Recycling

Volunteering with the Peace Corps in a rural part of an undeveloped country requires a very different wardrobe and set of gear than being a citizen of the fair city of Portland. As I contemplate all this suggested equipment on various people’s blogs, as well as official Peace Corps packing lists, I’ve been mentally totaling up what it will cost to go volunteer and live on a stipend. Talking about it with a friend, she suggest publishing a list of what was needed so that if people had extra, unneeded or old items they could pass them on to me and so save me the trouble and expense of purchasing something new. As an added benefit, it’s easier on the environment, a great way to recycle and it clears up space in that person’s wardrobe/closet/garage/home. She, herself, donated an awesome back-packing backpack.

So, what I plan to do is publish here a list of items I hope to accumulate before I “deploy” in September. If you have something on the list that you’ve been looking to unload or feel moved to pass along to me, that would be awesome! If you know of where I can buy something on here cheaply, that would be awesome, too! If neither applies to you but you wish me well and hope I can get what I need, that’s good also. I’ll take what I can get 🙂

Long story short: if you have something from the list which you’d be willing to give to a living home, please leave a comment or contact me and we’ll make arrangements. I’ll update the list if and when items get donated. Thanks in advance!

— headlamp

— solar-powered/hand-crank flashlight

— laptop case (11-13″)

— solar charger

— travel radio (hand-crank/solar power)

–multi-tool and/or pocket knife


— day-pack (medium sized back-pack)

— sleeping pad (like to go under a sleeping bag)


— short sturdy rope for clothesline

–ultralite/quick dry towels

— duffle bag


2 thoughts on “Peace Corps Recycling

  1. I have a friend who uses 100% hemp fabric for her towels. It doesn’t matter the thickness, it doesn’t have to be a towel fabric either. She said it dries you off in one pass and then the fabric dries out really quickly. This could be a good solution to your ultra lite towel need. 1 yard of 100% hemp fabric shouldn’t cost you more than $12.

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