The Internet

Early 1990's computer-ing with my sister

Here’s what I did on the internet today:

1) Continuing my renewed interest in fiddling, I entered a give-away on the blog, Cold Antler Farm for a fiddling book by Wayne Erbsen. I also looked into music stores and fiddle/violin culture in Portland and came across this site:  about Old Time Music in Portland. Parenthetically, I’ve been finding lots of good hymns to practice through the RUF Online hymnal. I played “For All the Saints” several times yesterday.

2) I checked in with Travel Portland’s FB feed and read people’s recommendations for the best donuts in Portland. Voodoo featured prominently, of course, but several others were mentioned. I made a mental note to check out ACME donuts in the SE.

3) I placed a hold on A Game of Thrones at the Multnomah County Library. I’m 33 out of 33 on the hold list but, on the bright side, the library owns 153 copies so it shouldn’t be much of a wait.

4) I payed a visit to the TEOTWAWKI community while researching old-fashioned methods of candle making. (And, to be realistic, in modern America any candle making done is probably going to be kind of old-fashioned.) What I learned was that while tallow is a cheap and readily available material, it creates sooty, malodorous candles. Beeswax makes much nicer candles but is more expensive (unless you are an avid apiarist.) I was really interested to learn that throughout the middle ages only the wealthy could afford to burn beeswax candles at home and so poor people always had to put up with smelly sooty homes if they wanted to have light.

5) Finally, I compulsively checked the Peace Corps Wiki’s Timeline page in the hopes of finding out more information about where I could be sent this September. I’m driving myself crazy reading so many PC blogs, packing lists, etc. At this point I feel like I would give a finger (one of the less important ones, anyway) to have my invitation in my hands and know where and when I’ll be going.


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