For the record…

Back in 2004 my brother and I went to go see the movie The Village. Artfully crafted though the movie was, I was able to guess the surprise ending well before the end of the film. At the end of the movie, after all had been revealed, I leaned over to my brother and whispered, “I figured it out early. I knew they were making it up.” He replied, “Yeah right! That’s easy to say now.” Despite my earnest insistence that I really had figured it out ahead of time, he refused to believe me.

That experience taught me that if you ever are going to make a prediction about something, and want someone to believe you later, you have to have proof. So, when I woke up this morning after having dreamed that the Peace Corps was sending me to the Philippines I resolved to write it down. I don’t think my dream was predictive, I just think it’s possible that it will happen to be correct. So, if I were to be sent to the Philippines, I want to be able to claim, and have evidence, that I knew it ahead of time. So, for the record, I dreamed that the Peace Corps is going to send me to the Philippines.


One thought on “For the record…

  1. nice.

    i can predict movies too!

    the prestige: guessed in in the middle
    Salt: guessed it in the first 5 minutes of the movie
    Shutter Island: guessed the twist from the preview

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