Peace Corps Antici…pation

One way to distract myself from Peace Corps: hiking in scenic Bay Area parks like this one.

Having sent in my answers to the placement review questions, I can’t help but feel that an invitation is not far away. For a couple of months there, between receiving medical clearance in January and getting the placement review e-mail at the beginning of June, I had done a pretty good job of training myself not to obsess about Peace Corps. But, after I received that e-mail from the placement office, all bets are off. I’m full-on obsessing every day about where I’ll go and when I’ll find out.

I’ve been reading other people’s blogs as well as the Future Peace Corps Volunteers Facebook page. From what I can tell, the process for most people is that they either answer these questions, have a phone interview with a placement person and then get their interview or they answer these questions and then receive their invitation in the mail shortly thereafter. So, in summary, I must be pretty darn close to the end of the application process!

Other information I’ve gleaned, from the same sources as well as the Peace Corps wiki timeline , is that the main country matching my nomination (English Teaching, Sub-Saharan Africa, September 2012) is Rwanda. So, as you can imagine, that conclusion led to more obsessive internet-ing.

To summarize: as the possibility of receiving an invitation in the near future grows, so does my anticipation, obsession, and desire to find out. I hope I get my invitation soon!

(Also, I’ve seen that it’s a trend on blogs of PC applicants and volunteers to post a timeline of the PC application process. I think I’ll do that too since I’ve found other people’s timelines really informative and helpful. I’ll do that tomorrow!)


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