Around & About

My last couple of weeks in Portland, graduation, moving back to the Bay for the summer. All sorts of things have been going on. Here are some pictures of some parts of those things, this and that, here and there.

Biking around Yamhill. So pretty!

So glad I made it to Timberline before I left!

We graduated!!!!

Multnomah Falls with the family, por supuesto. It’s a must!

My last cup of Portland coffee and it was a good one: Valharona mocha at Barista 

Mt Diablo — the Mt Hood of the Bay Area (not really)

Living in Portland, I totally forgot about lizards! They’re *everywhere* in CA. Every time I see one I remember trying desperately to catch them as a kid.

My sister’s cat got its head stuck in a hole in a paper bag. Now it will use its crazy eyes to convince us to help it out of the hole.


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