Contact (Not the Jodie Foster movie)

Ok, so, if you’re reading this I assume you know about my blog but you may not know about about a number of other ways to keep up what’s going on here in the RW:

1. letters!! I’ve got some great penpals already here and I’m always looking for more! And, if you were so inclined, you could also send a package. There is a wishlist tab on the homepage to give you ideas for what to send. If you want to write me before December, send it to:

Peace Corps Rwanda
C/O Gretchen Cain, PCV
PO Box 5657
Kigali, Rwanda

After December, send to:

Gretchen Cain
BP 14
Kibungo, Rwanda

2. Pictures!! For some reason the easiest website to post pictures to is tumblr so if you want to see pictures of Rwanda (it’s beautiful!!) go to

3. E-mail:
4. telephone: You can call me relatively cheaply using Skype or Google Voice at (+250) 78-730-5988


2 thoughts on “Contact (Not the Jodie Foster movie)

  1. I AM SO EXCITED TO START WRITING YOU LETTERS!!!! Seriously! I can’t wait until I have some time sit down and get the first one written and in the mail!!!! Also, that first address seems legit. That second seems kind of like it won’t get to you ever. But I trust you 🙂

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