PC Application Timeline

May, 2011

I applied for the Peace Corps online. The application wasn’t at all as imposing as I’d imagined — a lot of biographical information, some short essays and 3 references. I was so grateful that my references were prompt about getting them in!

June, 2011

I had my interview over the phone. I prepared more for this interview than I have for any other interview I’ve ever done: writing out answers to the pre-interview questions they sent me and reading other applicants’ accounts of preparation. I didn’t really expect to get an answer by the end of the interview so I was shocked when my interviewer said “I’m ready to nominate you.” at the end of the phone call.

September, 2011

I received a call on my first day of student teaching. No students were in the classroom, just me and my cooperating teacher. I was stunned by the conversation and said just one word to her after I hung up: “Africa!”. I was nominated for English Teaching Training or University English Teaching in Francophone Africa, departing September, 2012.

October, 2011

I began working on my medical information packet.

January, 2012

Medically cleared.

April, 2012

Received a request from the placement office for an updated resume and information on how I’ve been preparing for service.

May, 2012

Received placement review questions from a placement officer on May 30th. I sent in my answers on May 31st.

June, 2012

Waiting for final interview/invitation.

June 12, 2012

Toolkit updated: the invitation is in the mail!!
June 20, 2012

My invitation arrived via UPS. I was invited to serve in Rwanda leaving September 10th, 2012!


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